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What to expect
from a consultation with me

Ahead of your initial consultation I will ask you to send me a 3 day food diary along with completing a short questionnaire.  The initial consultation will last around 60-90 minutes during which I will go through with you your health history and family health history, your current health and health concerns/symptoms, diet, lifestyle and any medication or supplementation you may be taking.  Physical, mental and emotional wellbeing will all be reflected in the consultation. 


You may also wish to bring any recent blood test results with you. If I feel you may benefit from further testing I will do the necessary referral to your GP or recommend private functional testing should this be appropriate.  Confidentiality is assured at all times. I will send you your nutrition plan within a week of the initial consultation.  This will be a personalised nutrition plan that will work to support your unique situation.  

A follow up consultation (lasting 45-60 minutes) will take place around 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to review your plan and any testing you may have had done since the initial consultation.  

I will make any adjustments to your plan and resend to you with further support as necessary.  Some people may need more follow up appointments depending on the situation.


I offer consultations in Central London, Kent and by Zoom/Skype call. 


Initial consultation

60-90 minutes

This will include a full case history and personalised nutrition plan to support your unique situation.


Follow up consultation

45-60 minutes

This will take place around 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation to review your plan.

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